Life Insurance Leads Houston

Are Outdated Direct Mail Leads and Low-Quality Internet Leads Draining Your Resources?

At MAB Media, we understand the frustrations of the insurance industry, and we have a solution engineered for success: exclusive, educated, high-intent life insurance leads in Houston.

To summarise...


How We Deliver Unmatched Quality

At MAB Media, we go beyond providing leads to create a seamless client acquisition process. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Social Media Targeting: We pinpoint active life insurance seekers on popular platforms.
  • Educational Pre-Filtering: Our unique articles clarify the insurance process, weeding out uninterested prospects.
  • Detailed Lead Forms: We gather up to 13 data points, including beneficiary details, for optimal targeting.
  • Real-Time Delivery: You receive leads instantly for immediate follow-ups.
  • Built-In Contact Info: Your branding on our forms encourages direct hot-lead calls.


These elements combine to create a personalised lead-generation experience that aligns with your Houston clientele and boosts your bottom line. Say goodbye to generic leads and hello to targeted prospects ready to connect.

Our Streamlined Process

Our streamlined process is designed to deliver high-quality life insurance leads quickly and efficiently. We prioritise transparency, collaboration, and results. Here’s how it works:

kick off

We start with a strategy call to assess your needs and explain our system.


Your exclusive campaign is crafted and approved within 24 hours.


Leads start flowing in, usually fulfilling your order within 48 hours.

Follow Up

Our email sequence nurtures leads, further increasing your conversion rates.

MAB Media: The Lead Advantage

With the MAB Media Lead Advantage, you gain the confidence of knowing every lead is fresh, receptive, and tailored to your Houston market.


  • True Exclusivity: Each campaign is unique to you, ensuring fresh leads.
  • Zero Delays: Receive leads in real-time, not days or weeks later.
  • Informed Prospects: Our educational step maximises close rates.
  • Affordable Excellence: Our program beats the cost of buying generic leads.


Upgrade your lead generation and experience the MAB Media Lead Advantage. Contact us today and let our proven system transform your business.

Mohammad Badat

CEO & Founder

Nicolas Leung


Samanta Louise

Strategist/ Campaign

Hoshan Sonatun

Marketing Manager

The MAB Media Team: Your Partners in Growth

MAB Media specialises in digital marketing for independent insurance agencies. We constantly innovate and test fresh strategies to maximise your revenue. Our commitment to proven practices and continuous improvement ensures a tangible return on your marketing investment.


If you’re ready to transform your lead generation, we invite you to book your discovery session now!


"Once the leads pick up the phone, they are very receptive"

Jeff P.

Life Insurance Agent

"Writing $20,000 - $30,000 every month"

Jared D.
Final Expense Agent

I am writing around $5000Ap every week as a fairly new agent"

Taylor B.
Life Insurance Agent

"Sara puts $5000 commission in her pocket every week as a part time agent"

Sara S.
Final Expense Agent

"The Leads have been quick to answer the phone and open to me coming over"

Emily K.
Life Insurance Agent

"MAB Media leads have been the highest quality that I have ever worked"

Troy T.
Final Expense Agent

"How Josh Richardson Writes $10,000/Week As A Final Expense Agent"

Josh R
Life Insurance Agent

"Wrote $15,000AP From just $2.4k worth of Final Expense leads"

Mike H.
Final Expense Agent

"I was very impressed because every time I called the client, the client was basically expecting my call"

Eduardo M
Life Insurance Agent

"Went from writing 9-10 applications a week to 17-18 applications a week"

kendric A.
Final Expense Agent

"Since I met Mo, I've been able to submit much more business"

Chris A.
Agency Owner

"Since working with Mo I have recommended him to several agents"

William S. Jr
Founder Of The Legacy Empowerment Group

"Mo delivered on everything that he said. I was able to get the quality and the quantity of leads I needed"

Justin R.
Final Expense Agent

"I'm making more whilst doing less."

Michael D.
Owner Of Guardian Benefits

"I referred him to 4 other colleagues of mine who are also getting great results"

John T.
Final Expense Agent

"Leads are higher intent"

Matt T.
Life Insurance Agent

"Got better results with these leads than with direct mail leads"

Walker W.
Final Expense Agent

"The quality is good. People know it's insurance and the have to pay for it"

Joel J.
Life Insurance Agent

"$700 AP 30 min in the home. The lead called me"

James “Bo” K.
Final Expense Agent

"I don't get the phone hung up on me when I mention life insurance or final expense "

David P.
Final Expense Agent

"Closed 3 out of 4 appointments. Todays total: $3,921.56 AP"

David P.
Final Expense Agent

"Wrote 4 applications from 20 leads. Total: $4234AP"

Whittmin R.
Final Expense Agent

"First appointment 2 apps for right at $1,900"

Matt T.
Agency Owner At Family First Life

"$9,019.32 for the week"

Walker W.
Final Expense Agent