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Get 100+ Severe Injury Auto/Trucking Accident Cases Each Month Without The Agony Of Dealing With Unresponsive Clients
Get 100+ Severe Injury Auto/Trucking Accident Cases Each Month Without The Agony Of Dealing With Unresponsive Clients

No general PI or Slip and Falls

  Exclusive signed MVA cases On Demand

Customer Testimonials
"Mo and his team have done a terrific job for us"
Richard Hastings
Hasting, Cohan & Walsh LLP, Connecticut
"Converted 70% of all the leads received"
Jason Ferguson.
Ferguson Law Group, Georgia
"MVA leads converting at 85%"
Ammon Styles
Styles Law, Wa
 "We have had great cases come through."
Logan Jack
Williams Hart, Huston TX
"I have seen quite some success in signing cases."
Tyler Wilk
Tyler Wilk, West Chester, PA
Barry received his first signed case within 24 hours
Barry Rabovsky
Law Office of Barry R. Rabovsky, Illinois
Tom got some great cases over the weekend 
Tom Diehl
Diehl and Hubbell LLC, Ohio
Need a Low Risk MVA Plaintiff Acquisition Program?
Dear attorney,

The biggest obstacle that most personal injury firms face is finding and signing new cases. 


A lot of firms are spending 100s of thousands of dollars on :
❌  Useless internet leads
❌  Expensive TV & Billboard ads
❌  Unpredictable Social Media and PPC Campaigns

And the problem is all of these methods are inconsistent and WORSE there is no guarantee that these leads will ever convert.

Most of the time these leads don't even pick up the phone, let alone convert.

So if you're fed up of chasing leads that clearly have no interest of signing up with your firm, then we propose a simple solution...

Prequalified Leads

Here's how we screen our leads

Lead Criteria: 

➡️ An injury was sustained as the result of the car accident
➡️ The car accident was not the fault of the claimant
➡️ The person injured isn’t currently represented by another attorney
➡️ Plaintiff has been receiving medical treatment for the injuries. 
➡️ Has clear liability and documentation proof
➡️ Was injured recently (Maximum 12 months)
Fact 1:

We generate plaintiffs from several platforms.
Fact 2:

We screen and qualify the plaintiffs based on YOUR criterion.
Fact 3:

 We will send the leads to you instantly.
Fact 4:

We recommend that you call them within 15 minutes for maximum conversion
Here are the next Steps:

Email Us
Email us and tell us which state you wish to generate signed cases in. We will then get back to you with a quote and some more information about the program.
We will then arrange a quick 15 min call with our in-house attorney to discuss your qualifying criterion. 
We set up your EXCLUSIVE marketing campaign to generate leads and review the plaintiffs using YOUR criterion.
You should start to receive leads within 48 hours.
✅ All Fields You Want & Need: Name, Contact details, Description of accident, Description of injury and more..

✅ Receive signed cases email.

✅ Quick Turnaround:  Start receiving leads within 48-72 hours
✅ 100% Exclusive: Each Campaign is created just for you!
To summarise...
  • All leads are exclusive.
  • ​All leads are reviewed using YOUR criteria
  • ​​Receive email notifications each time you receive a new lead.
To summarise...
  •  ​All c are exclusive.
  • ​​​Receive email notification each time you receive a new plaintiff.
  • ​All plaintiffs' cases are reviewed using YOUR criteria
What Do I Need To Do Next?
Click the button below to schedule a call with us so that we can give you more information, walk you through our process and give you a quote.
Who are we?
We specialize in helping independent personal injury lawyers get more signed cases using digital marketing. We work directly with lawyers to constantly innovate and test new ideas, systems and strategies to help agencies generate more revenue from their marketing. 

And while we’re always keeping an eye on the future regarding new marketing developments, our main commitment is to focus on proven marketing strategies so you can see a positive return on your marketing
Mohammad Badat
CEO & Founder
Mohammad is the founder of M.A.B Media. His passion for helping others and improving the way law firms reach their customers is what keeps this business alive.

Nicolas Leung
COO/ Marketing Manager
Since falling in love with Marketing in 2015, Nicolas has helped numerous law firms maximize their revenue through highly targeted sales funnels and marketing strategies.
Yee Lin Loke
Project Manager
Yee Lin is our project manager. Her strategic approach and background in the marketing industry is what allows our projects to be delivered smoothly and . to the highest standards.
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