How We Help Coaches & Consultants Squeeze 30+ New Sales Out Of 1000 Old/Dead Leads & They Only Pay Us When They Make A Sale

(The Video Shows what we do. Watch BEFORE booking the call)

In 2023 alone, we helped more than 283 final expense agents get in front of higher intent buyers and sell more policies

"Once the leads pick up the phone, they are very receptive"

Jeff P.

"Writing $20,000 - $30,000 every month in new sales"

Jared D.

Making $5000/week profit as a someone new to the business

Taylor B.

"Sara puts $5000 in her pocket every week working part time"

Sara S.

$10,000+ Per month profit

Emily K.

"MAB Media leads have been the highest quality that I have ever worked"

Troy T.

"How Josh Richardson Makes $10,000/Week "

Josh R

"Wrote $15,000AP From just $2.4k worth of Final Expense leads"

Mike H.

"I was very impressed because every time I called the client, the client was basically expecting my call"

Eduardo M

"Went from writing 9-10 applications a week to 17-18 applications a week"

kendric A.

"Since I met Mo, I've been able to submit much more business"

Chris A.

"Since working with Mo I have recommended him to several agents"

William S. Jr

"Mo delivered on everything that he said. I was able to get the quality and the quantity of leads I needed"

Justin R.
Final Expense Agent

"I'm making more whilst doing less."

Michael D.
Owner Of Guardian Benefits

"I referred him to 4 other colleagues of mine who are also getting great results"

John T.
Final Expense Agent

"Leads are higher intent"

Matt T.
Life Insurance Agent

"Got better results with these leads than with direct mail leads"

Walker W.
Final Expense Agent

"The quality is good. People know it's insurance and the have to pay for it"

Joel J.
Life Insurance Agent

"$700 AP 30 min in the home. The lead called me"

James “Bo” K.
Final Expense Agent

"I don't get the phone hung up on me when I mention life insurance or final expense "

David P.
Final Expense Agent

"Closed 3 out of 4 appointments. Todays total: $3,921.56 AP"

David P.
Final Expense Agent

"Wrote 4 applications from 20 leads. Total: $4234AP"

Whittmin R.
Final Expense Agent

"First appointment 2 apps for right at $1,900"

Matt T.
Agency Owner At Family First Life

"$9,019.32 for the week"

Walker W.
Final Expense Agent

How We Generate These High Intent Leads

Fact 1:
We use a variety of social media platforms to target people that actively searching for life insurance on the Internet.
Fact 2:
Before the lead can fill anything out, they are taken to an article that will educate them and to filter out tyre kickers.
Fact 3:
We then take them to the form where they can fill out around 13 questions.
Fact 4:
You will receive the lead within seconds of them filling out our form so that you can call them instantly.

To summarise...

What Do I Need To Do Next?

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How Our Process Works:

kick off

We start with a 30 minutes strategy call to see if we are a good fit. As part of the call we will walk you through how the program works.


If we are a good fit, we will create your EXCLUSIVE campaign. The campaign can take up to 24 hrs to be approved. Once approved the ads start to run and the leads will start to trickle in.


Once the campaign starts to run, it takes around 48hrs for your lead order to get fulfilled. You will receive an email notification when each lead is generated.

Follow Up

The lead are also placed into our email sequence to further educate them and warm them up. Adding this to the process has proven to increase contractibility and close ratio.

Who are we?

We specialize in helping independent insurance agencies generate more appointments and sales using digital marketing. We work directly with agents to constantly innovate and test new ideas, systems and strategies to help agencies generate more revenue from their marketing.
And while we’re always keeping an eye on the future regarding new marketing developments, our main commitment is to focus on proven marketing strategies so you can see a positive return on your marketing

Mohammad Badat

CEO & Founder
Mohammad is the founder of M.A.B. Media. His passion for helping others and improving the way insurance agencies reach their customers is what keeps this business alive

Nicolas Leung

Nic plays a very important role in the company. He is in-charge of managing the team and ensuring that clients are getting the results that they need to be successful within the insurance space

Samanta Louise

Strategist/ Campaign
Samanta is in charge of our client’s campaigns. His role is to ensure that we are maximising your ROI at all times. She also plays a critical role is developing new marketing strategies to help clients get better quality leads.

Hoshan Sonatun

Marketing Manager
Hoshan is in charge of our client’s campaigns. His role is to ensure that we are maximising your ROI at all times.