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Get 50+ Clear Liability Auto & Trucking Accident Cases On Demand Every Month With 
“The Invicta System”
Get 50+ Clear Liability Auto & Trucking Accident Cases 
On Demand Every Month With “The Invicta System”

No General PI Or No Slip and Falls

  Exclusive Leads Texted & Emailed In Real-Time

See how Jason closed 70% of leads on his first batch, including one potential $2,000,000 Trucking case
 "These are High Quality Leads. 
I have about a 70% Conversion Ratio!"
Jason Ferguson.
Attorney in Georgia
Not a 70% sign up ratio yet?
Dear attorney,

Here’s a << killer statistic >> for you: 

On average, there are 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year. That's roughly 16,438 per day.
Yes, you read that right.

6 million accidents a year.

Then why is it so hard to get in front of the victims in time to represent them in their case? 

It’s not for the lack of trying either.

You probably are buying leads left and right already.

Relentlessly calling prospect after prospect…

Only to uncover cases upon cases with either no clear liability or cases that are outside the Statute of Limitations.

In fact, on bad days it might even well feel like you’re cold calling.

And don’t get me started on the flow of leads coming in at regular intervals.

I’m here to tell you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With new advertising platforms sprouting each year, attorneys have access to new innovative ways to reach victims of motor vehicles accidents promptly after their mishap.

With the industry rapidly transforming, leads have never been easier to provide to attorneys.

Let me explain.


Since 2000, the lead generation industry for attorneys has benefited from an attention shift.

An attention shift by prospects moving from traditional media types to the internet and social media.

Over the years, providing victims with an immediate solution right after they have suffered an injury has become easier and easier.

And 2020 is no exception.

In fact, it’s getting ridiculously straightforward to find MVA prospects consistently.

Why is it then, that consistency of lead flow is becoming an alarming issue?

See, 80% of most lead vendors out there come from Google Ads, it's the “traditional way” of generating leads.

Here’s what your lead vendor doesn’t want you to know.

Since 2016, the Google Ads PPC market has recorded the highest number of marketers on the platform(lead vendors included) and their numbers are still growing today.

This is shown in the graph below:

With more competition on the market, the cost is getting higher to get prospects to take action. Inevitably leading to less and less leads delivered to attorneys on a consistent basis.

Additionally, Google Ads has been around since 2000, skepticism has slowly been growing for the ads in particular.

And it’s getting harder and harder to get leads as a result.

Nevertheless, there are solutions to this situation which have enabled us to provide our clients with a consistent lead flow but also quality leads with the proper criterion for sign up.

I’ll explain to you how we do it below.


This is a funnel.

And in just a moment, you’ll discover how it is revolutionizing the entirety of the lead generation industry and why this matters to attorneys in the U.S.

First I need to tell you why this is important to you right now.

We have meetings with personal injury attorneys every week and the one thing that keeps coming up in these conversations:

“I’m talking to you because the online leads we get are seldom cases with clear liability or within the Statute of Limitations.”

Over and over again, this is the recurring complaint attorneys have with their current source of leads.

Well here is how the funnel comes into play.

In marketing terms, a funnel is a way to filter down leads from random prospects to actual clients.

Structured with a clear strategic plan, here’s how it all comes together: 

As you can see with each step down the funnel, leads are further refined until the only leads left to call are those with solid cases that are:

➡️ Clear liability
➡️ Within the Statute of Limitations
➡️ With the highest intent to find a lawyer immediately

This is the most powerful blueprint to get cases which meet all the criteria required for a solid case. 

Being a new concept however, lead vendors are still trying to figure out how to make sense of it all.

This is why the quality is still lacking.

But through rigorous and relentless testing we’ve designed a battle-tested framework that has supplied attorneys with rock-solid auto accident cases and potential 7-figure trucking cases to date.

And we want to share this framework with more attorneys now.

Are you ready to take your MVA lead generation 
to the next level with the Invicta System?

Here's how it works:

How The Invicta System Works:

➡️  We set up your business page on Facebook using 2 uncommon positioning strategies to build maximum trust from the get go.

➡️  We create ads that target your best prospects and speak to them in their language (Based on extensive research of your area)

➡️  We get them through a METICULOUS 16-step filter process to guarantee leads that end up on the phone with you have a solid case. Any lead that doesn’t qualify for one criteria is ruthlessly cut off.

➡️  As soon as they fill out the form, all their information are immediately texted and emailed to you IN REAL-TIME so you can follow up with them asap when their intent is at the highest.

➡️  We keep the flow of leads coming in by constantly swapping from our broad PROVEN ad library we’ve put together throughout the years in the industry.

And we’ve refined the Invicta process over the last 3 years to ensure a 50-70% conversion ratio on average.

Here’s the deal:

We ONLY do Facebook Ads Lead Generation. 
We’re obsessed with Facebook Ads Lead Gen.
Some of our team members even dream about Facebook ads. 
And we want to help YOU. 

Also, let me clarify what a qualified lead is:

Lead Criteria: 
✔️   An injury was sustained as the result of the car accident
✔️   The car accident was not the fault of the claimant
✔️   The person injured isn’t currently represented by another attorney
✔️   The potential claimant’s injury occurred within the statute of limitations for auto accidents or personal injury cases.
✔️   Has clear liability and documentation proof
✔️   Was injured recently (Maximum 12 months)

Fact 1:
All of our ads target people who have  had an accident within the last 30 days and are actively searching for legal representation.
Fact 2:
Before the lead can fill anything out, they are taken to an article that will educate them and to filter out the time wasters.
Fact 3:
The leads are screened for the following:
1) Did the accident take place within the last 6 months.
2)Was it their fault.
3) Is there a police report.
4) Do they already have legal representation.

Fact 4:
You will receive the lead within seconds of them filling out our form so that you can call them instantly.
Here are the next Steps:

Kick off
We start with a quick 15 min call to find what your specific needs are so that we can create your exclusive campaigns
Once we have all the information needed, we will create your EXCLUSIVE Facebook Ads campaign. The campaign can take up to 24 hrs to be approved. Once approved the ads start to run.
Once the campaign starts to run, it takes around 5-10 days for your lead order to get fulfilled. You will receive an email and text notification IN REAL TIME when each lead fills out the form.

Follow Up
The lead are also placed into our email sequence to further educate them and warm them up. Adding this to the process has proven to increase contractibility and close ratio.
✅ All Fields You Want & Need: Name, Contact details, Description of accident, Description of injury and more..

✅ We include your name and contact details on the forms so that the hottest leads can call you directly.

✅ Receive leads INSTANTLY through text and email.

✅ Quick Turnaround:  Receive your full order within 48-72 hours
✅ 100% Exclusive: Each Campaign is created just for you!

✅ We screen to make sure that they have had their accidents in the last 60 days and that it wasn't their fault.

Here’s the deal:

We ONLY generate our MVA leads through Facebook Lead Generation. 

We’re obsessed with MVA Facebook Lead Gen.

Some of our team members even dream about Personal Injury ads. 

And we want to help YOU. 
To summarise...
  • All leads are exclusive.
  • ​​Receive email notification each time you receive a new lead.
  • ​​​All ads and forms mentions MVA personal injury and that there is a cost involved.
  • ​Receive email notification each time you receive a new lead.
  • ​We ensure that the accident happened within the last 60 days and that they were not at fault.

To summarise...
  •  ​All leads are exclusive.
  • ​​​Receive email notification each time you receive a new lead.
  • ​​Receive email notification each time you receive a new lead.
  • ​We ensure that the leads hasn't already hired another law firm.
  • ​​We ensure that the accident happened within the last 60 days and that they were not at fault.
What Do I Need To Do Next?
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Who are we?
We specialize in helping independent personal injury lawyers generate more appointments and sales using digital marketing. We work directly with agents to constantly innovate and test new ideas, systems and strategies to help agencies generate more revenue from their marketing. 

And while we’re always keeping an eye on the future regarding new marketing developments, our main commitment is to focus on proven marketing strategies so you can see a positive return on your marketing
Mohammad Badat
CEO & Founder
Mohammad is the founder of M.A.B Media. His passion for helping others and improving the way law firms reach their customers is what keeps this business alive.

Nicolas Leung
COO/ Marketing Manager
Since falling in love with Marketing in 2015, Nicolas has helped numerous law firms maximize their revenue through highly targeted sales funnels and marketing strategies.
Yee Lin Loke
Project Manager
Yee Lin is our project manager. Her strategic approach and background in the marketing industry is what allows our projects to be delivered smoothly and . to the highest standards.

Never a “Minimum Commitment” . . . And You Can Cancel at Any Time

Here's our guarantee to you:

We will personally replace all leads that do not match up all your requirements.
No contracts or commitments, just the leads you need, when you need them.

Now you have an important decision to make:

Option 1 - You can keep generating your leads as usual. Plough through the countless “cold” calls and try to fizzle your way to a satisfactory month.

Option 2 - You can decide to do something about your conversion ratio, invest days or months learning how to do the ads yourself or scour the internet for hours looking for the next best alternative and miss this opportunity.

Option 3 - You can test drive the program right now. If you do so now you could secure the exclusivity of our service for your area.
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