Video Testimonials

"Mo delivered on everything that he said. I was able to get the quality and the quantity of leads I needed"

Justin R.
Life Insurance Agency Owner

"High Quality Leads. I have about a 70% Conversion Ratio!"

Jason Ferguson
Attorney in Columbus, Georgia

"Since I met Mo, I've been able to submit much more business"

Chris A.
Life Insurance Agency Owner

"Went from writing 9-10 applications a week to 17-18 applications a week"

kendric A.
Life Insurance Agency Owner

 "Since working with Mo I have recommended him to several agents"

William S. Jr
Founder Of The Legacy Empowerment Group

"I'm making more whilst doing less."

Michael D.
Life Insurance Agency Owner

"Leads are higher intent"

Matt T.
Agency Owner At Family First Life

"Got better results with these leads than with direct mail leads"

Walker W.
Life Insurance Agency Owner

"The quality is good. People know it's insurance and the have to pay for it"

Joel J.
Agency Owner At Family First Life

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